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3 NEW Dance Education Songs!

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If the words children hear, and sing, and say have an impact on their lives, why not make it a GOOD one
Pat Fields Kilgore
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Each Dance Education Song Download Contains:

Dance Songs

  • 1 Vocal mp3 file
  • 1 Instrumental mp3 file
  • Some songs will also have a tap track mp3 file
  • 1 pdf file with Instructor's Notes, Choreography.,Lyrics, Dance History and Teaching Tips.

Barres - Technique - Warmups

  • 2-41 Mp3 files with a file for each exercise.
  • 1 pdf file with Instructor's Notes, Choreography, & Lyrics.
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Country Princess

I Am A Dancing Princess

Irish Princess

The Count & The Countess

Where Is The Princess?

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I Can Be A Dancer

I'm A Dancer

Tap Dancing

Tap Dancing Is Calling My Name

There's Nothing Quite Like Tap

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Clap Your Hands

Hip Hop Cool

Hip Hop Dancer

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Dance With Me

Gotta Move

I Am Someone


Make Believe

Teach Them To Dance

Things To Help Us Grow

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